For many, the term "nursing home" conjures up images of a sterile institutional setting with squeaky metal beds, lots of white walls and not-so-friendly staff walking around.  Senior communities today range from cozy and homelike to the posh luxury of a high-end hotel... and they definitely do not feel institutional. Seniors who have moved to independent living or assisted living communities often tell us that they prefer their current lifestyle to their former one.  Some of these same reasons may resonate with you or your loved one, too:

  • Maintenance-free living:  no more yardwork or home repairs
  • Better food served restaurant style
  • No more isolation
  • More physical activity
  • Lots of opportunity for easy group activities
  • Easy community with others but privacy of your own apartment
  • "Inclusive costs" so easier to budget
  • Improved family relationships (children no longer have role of caretaker)
  • Feeling of safety 24 hours per day
  • Option to drive my self or use community transportation
  • The healing medicine of group laughter regularly
  • Access to quick healthcare if needed

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