Dementia: Definition, Symptoms and Way of Coping


Many diseases invade our bodies as a common symptom of aging. We sometimes fail to observe those, and often we ignore the severity of the diseases, simply considering them to be normal parts of aging. As an obvious consequence, those disease grow within us, and when we start seeking medical attention for them, it is too late to be cured. Dementia belongs to this category. Before discussing dementia care in Oklahoma City, let’s explore what dementia is.

About Dementia

Dementia is not a specific disease, but an accumulation of several similar symptoms. This is basically related to memory loss or the deterioration of thinking ability. The severe stages of dementia can affect one’s daily routine and make the individual fall sick. Vascular strokes are one of the most common causes behind the occurrence of dementia. They damage the brain’s cells, affecting their ability to communicate with each other, and this impacts thinking, common feelings and behavior.

Substantial Symptoms

People often confuse the term dementia with normal forgetfulness, but the two are not the same. Forgetfulness is a common sign of aging, but dementia is not. Dementia can grow rapidly within an individual, requiring them to seek assistance through dementia care in Oklahoma City, in addition to medication.

  • Dementia starts with forgetting. Forgetting important information that is supposed to be remembered is one of the major signs of dementia. If the problem is frequent and severe, you should consult a doctor.
  • Impulsiveness is another symptom. If the impulsiveness goes so far that it causes aggression within an individual, this is a sign that they may need medical help. This sudden behavioral change is not normal. It can cause stress and work as a catalyst for heart disease.
  • Insecurity may also be observed in people suffering from dementia. They may fail to cope with a new environment or place, and this can cause both insecurity and aggression.

Taking Care of Dementia Patients

With the best dementia care in Oklahoma City, your loved one will receive good medical attention. Here are some rules that dementia care staff follow and that may help you interact with your loved one suffering from dementia.

  1. Be patient with the person. He or she may not be able to understand your words immediately. Remain patient, and give them time to process what you say.
  2. Check whether they have issues with eyesight or hearing.
  3. Serve them familiar and favorite foods.
  4. Speak in short and simple sentences
  5. Influence them with your relationship and always give a positive touch and attitude.
  6. Try to offer them small meals five to six times a day
  7. If they find difficulty in chewing, show them the process and ask them to imitate you.
  8. Ask simple questions to test their memory
  9. If they argue with you, momentarily agree with them or find other ways rather than imposing contrasting thoughts. They will relax, and the agreement will calm their mind.  
  10. A quiet place is better than a noisy one to help the person understand your words.
  11. Set an alarm to remind the person of meals and medicines in the early stage of dementia.

Many assisted living homes have professional attendants to take care of people with dementia. We at Senior Care Referral Services can help you find the best dementia care in Oklahoma City. You can rely on us to ease your worries and make the search easier.