Why Do Patients With Dementia Suffer Less Depression In Care Homes?

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Caregiver services are frequently picked apart for being negligent of catering to the physical and emotional needs of their patients. Dementia and depression are frequently associated with old age. Due to this, older patients with dementia are more likely to suffer from depression as compared to younger adults. Loneliness is one of the major causes of depression in senior adults.

A recent study published in International Psychogeriatrics confirmed that patients with dementia living in care homes suffered less from depression. It also concluded that people with dementia who received ample care and attention from caregivers, like those in assisted living in OKC, felt less loneliness and depression.

  • Home Care and Residential Care


Generally, patients suffering from dementia and other mental illnesses prefer to stay at home rather than anywhere else. Therefore, hiring a home caregiver for your elderly family member is considered the best remedy to heal depression. If there is no one at home to look after the patient round-the-clock, then a care home is the ideal choice for your senior loved one, as that is where they will spend their best days at this stage of life.

  • Understanding Feelings

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Elderly people suffering from dementia have severe memory issues and struggle to perceive their own feelings. These individuals often feel restless and require special care in a controlled environment. Members of the family can find it difficult to handle frequent mood swings and health complications of their loved ones. To relieve this pressure, they can start looking for excellent assisted living in OKC to give their senior loved ones a better living environment with the best care.

Depression and its symptoms are often ignored by family members as well as the elderly patients themselves, because they find it difficult to express their feelings. Family caregivers, including spouses or children certainly lack an expert understanding of depression, and this makes the patient’s condition more detrimental.

In contrast to the above, patients suffering from dementia usually do not feel depressed while living in care homes, as they have both company and care available round-the-clock. In short, they feel a sense of belongingness and security when living with fellow patients.

  • Don’t Compromise

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Although care homes have expert staff to look after the residents, they might not always have sufficient time to fully observe the behavior of their dementia patients. Family members undoubtedly can play a pivotal role in helping senior family members fight depression, but centers for assisted living in OKC are committed to serving residents devotedly.

Care homes have proper arrangements and expert staff to handle sudden behavior changes in residents, which is why it is easier for them to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression. Consequently, patients suffering from dementia can be saved from falling prey to depression if they opt for assisted living in OKC. The contribution of care homes to prevent depression in individuals suffering from dementia is great. In this regard, you must think wisely about the pros and cons of assisted living in OKC before making a call.